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    first four issues of inetogether now in paperback!
anthology of good short writings ... lucid presentation of why some new-fashioned genome scientists have more in common with old-fashioned Classics professors than they think ... gathering of flowers from good books in a florilegium.

    Since the website celebrates the written word, and especially the book, we thought it was best to put out a revised (some say a real) edition in really durable book form. Not doing it seemed a little hypocritical. So, we teamed up with Lulu (, the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books and put together inetogether, volume one.

Now you won't need to sit in front of a computer display to read inetogether.

Table of Contents

Front Part

Horseradish (armoracia rusticana) --- Dirt --- Tomatillo Resilience --- Hunker Down ... to Bounty

Genomes and Words

Harold S. Kushner, The Lord is My Shepherd: Healing Wisdom of the Twenty-Third Psalm --- Roy Blount, Jr., Robert E. Lee --- Garry Wills, Saint Augustine --- Philip Porter, The Most Famous Car in the World --- Daniel Duane, Caught Inside: A Surfer's Year on the California Coast --- Kathi Appelt and Jeanne Cannella Schmitzer, Down Cut Shin Creek: The Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky --- Sylvia Naser, A Beautiful Mind


Plus, you still have access to ancillary materials on the web and books related to the essays and reviews.

Preview the book and then, for heaven's sake, buy it! On sale now for only $7.98 plus shipping.